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Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Olgetree Please! Giants v Cowboys Recap

Tony Romo gets all the blame when things go wrong in D-town, so its only fair that he receives some praise for last nights performance. A slow start for both teams, Romo got it going towards the end of the second half and never looked back. He made the throws he needed to make, converted on third downs and put his team in the best position to win. He had help along the way and The Cowboys balanced attack (307 by Romo through the air, 131 by Murray on the ground) keep that very talented New York Giant defensive line guessing the whole game. Kevin Ogletree came up big picking up right where Laurant Robinson left off. Dallas has a ton of playmakers so the WR3 is always going to see one on one matchups. He took advantage of his opportunity, now lets see if he can sustain success. Here are some of my pregame match ups looking back to see how this game was won.

Dallas new secondary vs Giants WRs

Its safe to say there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Brandon Carr. Lined up on Victor Cruz most of the night he was held to just 6 catches for 58 and zero touchdowns. He was lined up man on man most of the night with little or no help over the top. He is shutdown and worth every penny the Cowboys spent. Rookie Morris Claiborne had a pretty good outing as well matched up against Hakeem Nicks who was held to 4 catches for 38 yards and zero touchdowns. Their ability to lock-down receivers on the outside means more time DeMarcus Ware has to get to the QB. (2 sacks last night). Advantage Cowboys

Dallas O-line vs NASCAR 

For the most part the Dallas O-line held their own. You wont expect a perfect game out of this group, but when your team can put up almost 500 yards of total offense the first night out the big uglies upfront were doing their job. I thought Jason Garrett did a great job of mixing the run with the pass with a balanced attack. (29 attempts from Romo, 20 carries for Murray). Doing this always gives an advantage to a young offensive line. They gave up a few sacks and a few blown assignments, but that is to be expected when you face NASCAR. Advantage Cowboys

I predicted the Cowboys to win this game and I am glad they proved me right. But CowboysFan don't get all amped up and go SuperBowl or bust now. Enjoy the win and hope your team is ready for next week.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thank You Tebow, Football Back! Giants v. Cowboys Preview

Tonight is opening night in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys taking on defending Superbowl Champion New York Giants. Today's game not only brings back the game which so many people love so dearly, but offers as good a kickoff game that any sport could offer. This rivalry has heated up in the past few years with the playoff success of the Giants and subsequent failures for the Dallas Cowboys. Once again the Giants fly under the radar starting the season. Not a Superbowl favorite by anyone, hell, some experts don't even expect them to win the NFC East. All the jaw-jacking and back and forth is over with, time to strap on the pads and settle it on the field for all America to see. Here are a few keys to the game.

Dallas Offensive Line vs New York Defensive Line

With all the talent and upgrading that the Dallas Cowboys did this off season, they have yet to put together a group that can be successful in the NFC East. The Giants defensive line has had their way with the Cowboys pass protection each of the past few seasons and is the only thing from keeping Dallas from being a legit contender. The only way to slow down their pass rush is to keep them guessing. Too many times Tony Romo goes a roll hitting five or six passes in a row and then they abandon the run. This feed right into a pass rusher's mentality. If they know they can just pin their ears back and come after you its makes things a lot simpler in their mind. But if you stick with the run, throw some screens and draws that should help this young offensive line and the Dallas offense as a whole.

Dallas Secondary vs New York Recievers

Dallas did all they could to upgrade a terrible secondary from last year. They moved up in the draft to take standout corner Morris Claiborne from LSU and paid a pretty penny to have Brandon Carr be their lockdown guy. They will be tested tonight against a team with a veteran QB and a slew of talent on the outside. Nicks is a bit nicked up, but should be fine tonight. Victor Cruz has been getting number 1 attention since the middle of last year. I do think the secondary will progess as the season goes along, but to have this be your first test is like walking into a Physics test when you've been studying Sociology all night. Eli will test the young corner and how he responds early will give u a good explanation on how the rest of the game will go.


Both of these teams are very talented. They play each other a lot and know each other very well. This will be a close game, but I do think the Cowboys pull this game out. They are fighting for pride. They lost the last week of the regular season to see these Giants make that run and become Superbowl champions. That is all they have thought about all off season and will play a motivated game. Although the front four of the Giants can cause damage I don't see the back 7 being able to keep up with the playmakers Dallas has on offense even without Jason Witten. 28-24 Cowboys over Giants

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fantasy 101 Episode 4: Wide Receivers

In this fourth installment of my Fantasy 101 series we will be breaking down the wide receiver position. In today's NFL the wide receiver position is the deepest when it comes to fantasy. With the passing game becoming a more dominant fixture in today's game you can get great receivers in all rounds of a fantasy draft. In a standard league you will need 3 starting receivers. I usually stick with one early pick, one mid round pick and a few sleepers to fill out my roster. Without further ado, here is my top ten.

10. Brandon Marshall - Brandon Marshall had a beast of a season last year with Miami. Even without a proven quarterback he still managed 1200 yards and 6 touchdowns. He is reunited with his Denver teammate Jay Cutler in Chicago this year and is expected to have a great year. Great value pick in later rounds.

9. Dez Bryant - He is the number one receiver and a favorite target for Tony Romo. Add the fact that Jason Witten is out with this spleen injury and you have more targets for Mr. Bryant. He is a physical beast. Has shown flashes of brilliance early in this preseason. Worth the pick if he comes to you in later rounds.

8. Julio Jones - There is a changing of the guard in Atlanta. Roddy White may be listed number one on the depth chart, but Julio Jones is making his way to be the best receiver on this Falcon offense. He gets the fade route goal-line targets. He is also the Falcons deep threat and Matt Ryan is not afraid to throw him a jump ball if he is covered. Stock has been rising since the first preseason game. Going as early as 3rd round.

7. Jordy Nelson - I am not a fan of teams with positions by committee like the Green Bay Receivers, but Jordy Nelson quiet as kept finished second in fantasy points only behind Calvin Johnson among receivers. He has great hands and has the ability to turn a short pass into a touchdown. 15 touchdown receptions last year only one behind Megatron. Great steal in 4th or 5th rounds.

6. A.J. Green - We are lucky to live in a stage of a crop of talented young receivers and A.J. Green is near the top of the list. Along with fellow second year player Andy Dalton he has made a name for himself. He is by far the best receiver on this team and is the go to guy for Andy Dalton. Gets redzone targets and is the deep threat guy as well. Just ask Asante Samuel how good this guy is.

5. Steve Smith - Waver wire pick up of the year last year, this year if you want Steve Smith you are going to have to go get him. Cam's favorite receiver he found the fountain of youth last year and had one of the best seasons he has had in years.

4. Wes Welker - This guy catches everything. He is Tom Brady's most consistent receiver. Last year finished 2nd in yards behind Calvin Johnson. Added 9 touchdowns. He is a dream in a PPR league. Don't worry about the contract stuff. These things have a way of working themselves out.

3. Larry Fitzgerald - If it had not been for the quarterback play in Arizona he would easily be number one on this list. Even with the carousel that is the Arizona starting quarterbacks he still managed to put up 1400 yards and 8 touchdowns. Good news is that John Skelton seems to be winning the battle and he finds ways to get Fitz the ball more so than Kolb did last year. 1st round or early second.

2. Andre Johnson - One of the greats in this league. He is getting older and his hamstrings seem to be consistent issue. but when healthy he is nearly a one man show in that Houston receiving core. He missed a lot of time with both hamstrings giving out on him. I still like him. Worth the risk because the upside is so high. 1st Round

1. Calvin Johnson - Megatron. 1st round.

Who to avoid?

Roddy White - He is still a talented receiver but is not worth the price. If he falls he is a great pick up. But both ESPN and Yahoo boards have him ahead of Julio Jones and many other receivers. Yahoo has him as the 3rd projected receiver. Not worth it.

Any Saints Receiver - You can hit the jackpot one week and then they not a catch a pass next week. Drew Brees is very judicial with the ball. He throws to the open guy no matter who it is. Too much to risk on a starting receiver.

Greg Jennings - He has been in and out of the Packers line up the past year and a half. Even now he missed the packers last game because of a concussion. Another guy that has a high asking price with a low ceiling. Stay away.

Steal these Guys late...

Pierre Garcon - Emerging as the favorite target on Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. He had a solid year last year with Curtis Painter throwing him the ball. Should have an even better year if he shows the same consistency with the Redskins.

Robert Meachem - Of the Saints receivers by committee Robert Meachem was very consistent. He has a new start with a pretty good quarterback in San Diego. He will be the guy and if those two guys can get on the same page watch out.

Terrell Owens- Going undrafted in a lot of mocks. This guy may be a knucklehead but his skill on the field can never be questioned. He has done work everywhere he has been. Being the second or third option in Seattle will motivate him and he will have a great season.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantasy 101 Episode 3: RBs

In this third installment of my Fantasy 101 series we will break down the running back position. This is one the most crucial components to fantasy success and takes knowledge to ensure that your team flourishes. The running back position is spread pretty thin so you have to draft smart. If you have a chance at an elite back take him. If the back you want in later rounds is top 3 to 5 in best available take him. Feel free to reach for a back if you really like him. Once again this rankings are solely based on fantasy purposes not who I believe is the best back in the league.

10. Trent Richardson - This guy is probably the most ready made back since Adrian Peterson. He is a tough runner. Speed with power. The total package. He is featured in an offense that has a little known and unproven receiving core and a rookie QB. We will have to see how this knee affects him, but otherwise a solid pick. Early second round.

9. Matt Forte -  In 2010 no one accounted for more percentage of an offense's yards than Matt Forte. Last year he got hit with an injury and didn't play a full season. With the addition of Brandon Marshall on the outside that should loosen up the box for him. He is primed for a big season as long as he stays healthy. Second Round.

8. Marshawn Lynch - "Darren Shaper HMD" the beast himself. Very solid year last year. He is the feature back in an offense that is unsure what will happen at the quarterback position this year. I think he will be better this year than last year with the addition on T.O. He will stretch the field and open up the box for Marshawn. Second Round.

7. Darren McFadden - Before his injury last season McFadden was well on his way to becoming a premiere back in this league. The offense is old school. They are a ground and pound, run to set up the pass, bootlegging type team. And he is the center of it. Yet another back coming off an injury. As long as he returns to form solid pick. First Round.

6. Chris Johnson - CJ2K, Mr. 2000 himself is going to do copious amounts of work this season. People forget about him because his numbers dropped last year. 2nd year in a new offense with training camp and OTAs he will be ready. The Titans offense is in flux. They don't know what to do at the quarterback position. Kenny Britt is an idiot, and their best receiver is either a rookie or their tight end. FEATURE BACK. First Round.

5. Adrian Peterson - Only Adrian Peterson could come back from a major knee surgery in such a short amount of time and no one be worried about it. He is a physical specimen. The Lebron James of the NFL. He is the man in an offense without a true number one receiver and a young quarterback. This team passes about as much as the Patriots run the ball. If healthy solid pick. First Round.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew - Don't worry guys MJD isn't going to disappoint this year. This contract situation is tough to deal with but he will still be one of the top guys in fantasy this year. He is too big of a fantasy fan to let his numbers slip. Young QB, new deep threat WR equals a big year for MJD. First Round.

3. Ray Rice - He is the best player on the Ravens offense. They find ways to get him in space. He has great hands and the screen game is a huge part of this offense. He was 2nd in receiving yards among RBs and took 3 of those in the endzone. Top 5 pick.

2. Arian Foster - He is the top rated player on both ESPN and Yahoo boards. He is the Running back in an offense that features the run to set up the play action pass. Even with missing time early in the season with an injury he finished strong with 1200 yards rushing and 600 receiving with 12 total TDs. There were times last year where he put the Texans on his back. Without health being a concern he will have the same success this year. Top  3 Pick

1. LeSean McCoy - No one had more Rushing TDs last year that LeSean McCoy. He seems to be the most consistent player in the Eagles offense. He has speed on the outside so he always has clean running lanes. He catches passes out of the backfield. He is their go to man in Goal and short situations. Top 3 Pick.

A few sleepers?

Cedric Benson- A new team, a fresh start, and a quarterback that strikes fear in an opponents defense would be any running back's dream. Most people say he won't get carries and touches because Green Bay doesn't run the ball a lot. But they haven't had a back this good in a while. Only owned in 42% of leagues typical going 10 or later rounds.

Donald Brown - He will be the feature back in an offense that has a rookie QB. He will have a very solid year because the best way to protect a rookie QB is the run game and the screen game. Only owned by 60% in yahoo leagues. Going 10 or later rounds.

Darren Sproles  - The Saints are running back by committee team. But of that committee he managed to lead all running backs in receiving yards and touchdowns with 710 and 7 respectively. In a PPR he is a dream. 4th or 5th Round.

I wouldn't draft these guys....

Ryan Matthews - Many have taken Ryan Matthews first round, and many have cursed the Fantasy Gods. This guy cannot stay healthy to save his life. Hurt yet again this preseason. Could be out until October. I just don't trust it. Let some one else take a chance on that.

Doug Martin - Who? Yeah he is a rookie running back from The New York Football Giants. Not sold on him as high as he is rated. Also Ahmad Bradshaw isn't just going to hand the job over to him. At best he is splitting carries. There are far better options unless he falls.

Stephen Jackson- Beast of a running back. Will get a lot of carries and yards. but he doesn't score TDs. His offense is garbage and he can't do everything. At the end of the day unless your league gives bonuses for 100 yard games the name of the game is touchdowns. He doesn't see the endzone often enough for how high he is rated.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fantasy 101 episode 2: QBs

In this second installment we are going to break down the Quarterback position. I will give u my top 10. a few sleepers, and some QBs you should try to avoid. Remember these rankings are based solely on fantasy purposes.

10. Matt Ryan -  With the emergence of Julio Jones becoming a threat in this Falcons offense, Matty Ice is poised for another big fantasy year this year. Last year he was 8th in number of total fantasy points, Throwing for over 4000 yards and 29 TDs. You can expect about the same from him this year. The only drawback from him is the Falcons also have a pretty good running game. Some games you can expect that Jaquizz Rodgers and Michael The Burner Turner to take a few TDs away from him. Solid late round Pick. In all of the Mocks I have taken, very solid value pick if you are looking for a Quarterback in about the 6th or 7th round.

9. Michael Vick - Mr. Vick is a very solid option as well. The Philly offense runs through him. He has play makers all around him. LeSean McCoy converts screens to large gains. Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are gamebreakers outside and Brent Celek is a very solid, consistent option at Tight End. He will offer you rushing yards and rushing TDS. The worry with Vick is if he can stay healthy. He is a small guy, and with his style of play and the inconsistency of the Eagles offensive line, he never can stay upright. In Mocks people have been reaching for him in the 4th because of his upside.

8. Tony Romo - The face of America's team have proven himself as one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL right now. With even missing time last year with that rib injury he still managed to throw for over 4000 yards and 31 TDs. He has playmakers all over the field and is poised for another great year. The drawback for him is that the Cowboys offensive line might be one of the worst in the NFL. Hard to be effective if you are always running for your life. He also plays in the NFC East. With 6 games against top 10 defenses he might struggle a bit. All in all he makes plays and is a great value pick in the 5th or 6th round.

7. Eli Manning - Coming off his 2nd Superbowl MVP it is safe to say Eli is short for Elite. Losing Mario Manningham may be a little bigger than most are predicting but still should be a very solid pick. Giants Run the ball to keep the defense honest, but this offense is predicated on Eli and the pass. Almost 5000 yards in the air and 29 TDs. The Giants have typically been a slow starting team and he has struggled early in the year. He is a good value pick in the 4th or 5th round.

6. Phillip Rivers - Phillip Rivers is a gunslinger and the Chargers go as he goes. He struggled a bit last year with interceptions trying to do too much. with the addition of Robert Meachem and a healthy Antonio Gates he should be primed for a big year. 4500 yards passing and 29 TDs last year with Gates and Vincent Jackson in and out of the line up. If he can cut down on his interceptions he will be a great fit in the 4th or 5th round.

5. Matthew Stafford - He has the best WR in the league on his team and is not afraid to throw to him. Threw for over 5000 yards and 41 TDs last year. Fantasy stud and will drop to the 3rd or 4th rounds although his numbers are just as good as QBs that will be taken in the 1st or 2nd. He proved last year he can stay healthy for a whole season and have a favorable schedule to repeat that same success this year.

4. Cam Newton - Cam hit the ground running last year. Dropping the most 40 point fantasy games out of all the QBs. All that without training camp or OTAs. 40 total touchdowns passing and rushing. They look to let him run in goal-line situations which is great for fantasy. Is a sophomore slump coming? I don't believe so, but if you like Cam you are going to have to grab him in the 1st or early 2nd round.

3. Tom Brady - The Patriots don't run the ball EVER. They have 30 recievers and two TEs that could go and start for any team in the NFL. Tommy Terrific might go down as the Greatest of all time and if he can stay healthy the Pats stand to make another run at the Superbowl. 3rd in fantasy points last year with 5200 passing yards and 39 TDs. He is going 1st round.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Maybe the only QB that will be taken before an elite Running Back. He has been putting up video game numbers the past 3 years and doesn't seem like this year will be any different. They ran the ball a just as much as the Patriots did last year, but that could change with the addition of Cedric Benson. Not only does he throw the ball with ease; 4600 yards 46 TDs and only 6 INTs. He also added 300 yards on the ground with 3 TDs. If you aren't picking top 5 you wont get him.

1. Drew Brees - All the hype around Cam and Aaron Rodgers last year Drew Brees was the number 1 QB in fantasy points last year. Broke Dan Marino's single season yardage record last year by a landslide. He threw for 46 TDs and is set up to do the same this year. He will be the Saints offensive coordinator the first 6 games of the season. Remember what the Patriots did after their scandal? They went undefeated until the Superbowl. and Tom Brady ripped every defense he played with the help of Randy Moss. You can expect the same from Brees and company this year. He will go 1st round.

Who are the Guys that no one is talking about?

Jay Cutler- Last year before his injury Jay Cutler was having a phenomenal season with the Bears. With the addition of Brandon Marshall to that lackluster receiving core he should have a great year. Typically going in 6th round.

Peyton Manning - People are talking about him yes, but the masses are still waiting to take manning as late as the 6th round. Its Peyton Manning need I say more? If healthy he will be near the top of the fantasy rankings by years end

Matt Schaub - Last year Matt Schaub was injured and missed quite a bit of time. But the year before that he threw for over 4000 yards and 30 TDs. Texans seemed primed for a Superbowl run, and if he can stay healthy he stands to have a great year. Seen him going as late as 8th round in mocks. Not a bad pick up if u miss out on all the other guys.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - This guy is going undrafted in a lot of leagues. owned in only 42% of leagues so far. He was a having a great year starting out and then around week six suffered broken/bruised ribs which he didn't discover until after the season. I think he rebounds this year and looks more like he did in the early portion of the season more so than the latter.

Who should you absolutely stay away from?

Mark Sanchez - Mark Sanchez had great fantasy numbers last year, but with the addition on Tim Tebow a few of the touchdowns are gonna be taken away. They are trying out Cromartie at receiver. This offense has problems and doesn't stand to be a great year for him.

Ben Roethlisberger - Maybe one of the most clutch QBs in this league and I respect him as an elite player. But he wins ugly. Which is great for the Hall of Fame, not so much for fantasy glory.

Any Seattle QB/Arizona QB/ Tennessee QB -  All three of these teams have QB battles ongoing. with a midseason change likely coming if one or the other struggles. not worth a pick. Keep an eye on the waiver wire for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fantasy 101 Episode 1

It's that time again ladies and gents. That's right the NFL season is just around the corner and whether you play in a league just for fun or in a big money league I am here to give you an insight into draft strategies, player analysis, sleeper picks, and tips on how to be successful this football season. This is the first post in a series of posts so be sure to check back frequently for the next episode in my Fantasy 101 series.

The first thing you need to understand about fantasy is that you have to leave your fan allegiance at the door when it comes to the draft room. I am a huge Texans fan, but outside of Arian Foster, AJ80, and the Defense I'm not taking anyone else on my team. Conversely, if CJ2K drops in my lap, I'm taking him no questions asked, no matter if he plays for a rival team or not. Winning is the most important thing here. And you cannot win if you put your fan-hood above your fantasy team.

Secondly, you have to think logically. This is a bit harder than you might think. If you play in a standard league you have 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 DST. In a 10 man league unless you are taking Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady there is no need to take a QB in the first 2 rounds. Those four guys are studs and if they are the best player available to you, take them. But if you aren't getting those four guys, just be patient. There are far more viable QB options in later rounds when each team only needs 1 starter. Conversely, The amount of elite running backs is dwindling. With the NFL trending towards a pass first league there are about 10-12 Backs that I would consider being number one options for a fantasy team and they go quickly. With a standard setup, you need  two starter running backs. In a ten man league the number of viable options are very limited. As far as WR goes there is only 1 guy that is worth a first round pick. Mega-tron. ESPN and Yahoo boards will tell you AJ80 and Fitzpatrick are up there, but there are far better options at different positions than to take them in the first round. Those two guys are great second round picks if they fall to you, but don't reach for them in the first round. If you do, you will cut yourself out of top RBs and top QBs which are far more important positions.

Thirdly, pay attention to draft trends. Some positions fill up quickly. RBs usually are the first position to thin out. If you see a RB you like in later rounds feel free to wait one more round on him and draft for need first. most of the time he will last one more round unless he in the top 4 or 5 players available. If everyone starts taking QBs and you weren't ready to select a QB, you should go ahead and take the QB you want before you are left with Mark Sanchez. Same thing goes with Kickers and Defense/Special Teams.

If you are serious about your league, try a few mock drafts. Pay attention to the draft trends. What players are taken which round. What players you should reach for, what players you can let slip. Preparation is the greatest tool in this game. The more you know the better you will draft. Be knowledgeable on contract negotiations, injuries, and touches/targets for a given player.

In my next segment I will dissect the Top 10 Fantasy QBs, Sleepers, and those you should avoid. Check back frequently for Fantasy 101 Episode 2: Quarterbacks

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keys to game 2 of NBA Finals

Game 1 of the NBA finals proved what most experts believed was correct. The Thunder are a much deeper team than Heat, and they are pretty darn tough to beat at home. This series was supposed to be a dogfight but after game one it seems more like an Alaskan Malamute taking on a Bishon.

The Thunder probably played one of thier worst halfs of basketball on Tuesday night and still somehow stayed around and only were down 7 at the half. The Heat were on fire from 3 getting points from Battier and Chalmers. That usually turns out to be blowout city when they get help from anyone outside of LeWade. Credit Scott Brooks making the proper adjustments at halftime and having complete control over his superstars. There was a point in the 3rd quarter where they showed cut ins of Brooks talking to both Westbrook and Durant on sepereate occasions coaching them up. No such thing has or will ever happen with the Heat and their coach and superstars. Truth be told Scott Brooks took on the best coach he will face, unless Phil Jackson comes back next year, and out coached him last round.

Scott Brooks made sure his superstars kept attacking. They listened and in the second half outscored the entire Heat Team 41-40. The switch to have Sepholosha guard Lebron instead of KD proved to be the best move of the night. Lebron still ended up with 30, but he worked extremely hard for it. every jumper he took was contested, and got most of his points driving for layups/dunks and getting to the line. He got blocked a few times, stripped, and was harrassed the entire second half. I admire Durant for coming out and wanting to guard Lebron, you want that from your superstar, but championship teams are built by everyone having a job and trusting your teammates to do their job. With Sepholosha on Lebron, KD was able to concentrate more on the offensive end. A luxury that the Heat do not have. Battier a good defender in his own right simply is too small to check KD.

Changes have to be made for Heat to stand a chance at game 2. First off DWade has to play better on both ends. I think first it starts off with letting Chalmers check Westbrook. Chalmers no doubt is the lesser defender, but DWade is an excellent off ball defender and will have more energy on the offensive end where the Heat need more than 17 from him for a win. He must be on attack mode. The fade-aways are pretty and he hits a good number of them, but "fall down 7, stand up 8" DWade needs to show up. Attack the basket, get to the line and get Ibaka and/or Sepholosha in foul trouble. Dwade needs to be the leading scorer for the heat.  30-35 point game would be ideal.

Bosh needs to stop taking threes. He has gotten better, but three's by nature are a low percentage shot. When he misses that makes for long rebonds and then Thunder are racing the other way. He needs to make Ibaka work on the block get him in foul trouble early and out of the game. Ibaka is the key to what the Thunder like to do defensively. He makes LeWade adjust their shots in the paint. It is clear that the Heat cannot survive with their 3rd scoring option being subpar as Thunder can. He has to have a double double today. 20 and 12 would be ideal.

Lebron must take it upon himself to check KD the whole game. He is the only person on the Heat roster that can make KD work for his points. He had 36 points on only 18 shots. that kind of effiencincy will have the Heat fishing in four. Easier said than done, but if Lebron wants a title he is going to have to take it. Because that is exactly what KD did Game 1. Lebron needs a 25 12 8 game.

The Thunder have the blueprint for how to beat the Heat. Attack the middle of the defense. Make Lebron beat you and contain everyone else. Lebron has the talent to beat a team single-handedly but better to let him go for 30 or 40 and get nothing from Dwade or Bosh.

If Heat can do these things they stand a chance at game 2, But I just think The Thunder are the superior and deeper team. Plus they don't lose at home. My prediction Thunder win by 6. 103-97